Rethink Ed

About Rethink ED 2019

Let’s Reimagine Education

“The challenge is that the world we live in, the world our students live in, and the one we see coming, looks very different than the one we grew up in.”

—Aaron North, Vice President of Education Kauffman Foundation

Rethink ED is a gathering of community, coming together to explore what education can be.

Unlike other education conferences, Rethink ED:

Harnesses the expertise of the participants to shape the conversation.

Discovers innovations in education from unlikely places.

Supports the creation of solutions to pressing challenges.

Invites everyone to help redesign the future of learning.

Challenge Questions

During the registration process, you will be asked to select from one of the following design challenges to collaborate on throughout your experience.

1. How might we equip learners with the tools to be effective and active citizens in the future?

2. What would high school be if it were accountable for students’ success after graduation?

3. How can the postsecondary experience be transformed to best prepare students for life?

We’re asking you to be the architect to these challenges as we collectively strive to solve for them so you can bring the learnings back to your communities.

Future Of Learning Survey

In addition, the Future of Learning National survey results will be presented. 

This survey was created to identify the necessary changes for the future of learning from a diversity of perspectives about the values of education, perception of diverse higher education options, and the needs for a future workforce. Among those surveyed are parents, high school students, and employers.

Who should attend?

The ideal attendees are individuals who want to reimagine education to ensure every student is ready for education, work, and life after high school. We welcome business leaders, community members, parents, educators, high school students, faith and clergy leaders, and non-profits focused on innovating for change in the midwest. National leaders active in reimagining education are invited to learn and participate with a truly community-centered movement to Rethink education.

Why should people attend?

Connect with people from all sectors. You could be sitting with a CEO, high school student, entrepreneur, local elected official, and teacher all at the same table.

Discover innovative educational practices, tools, and resources from unexpected places and communities.

Learn from students! With student-run workshops and participants, this education conference is grounded in their perspective.

Have valuable time to problem solve and develop solutions that you can bring back to your work.

Why is Kauffman doing this event?

The Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation believes that schools and communities have their own solutions, and need the investment of time and the capacity for development. By learning collectively from others across the nation and elevating the exciting work educational and civic leaders are leading in the Kansas City metro region, the new phase of learning and education is at hand.